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Township Guide: Three Strategies to Grow the Town

Township game from Playrix could be said as the game of city building which is rather unusual. This unusual point of view comes because this kind of game adds the feature of farming within the game including harvesting crops, running facilities to develop the town, and selling goods. Moreover, the players are also allowed to get the exotic products by travelling to some islands. They can raise the animals on the farm, meet fun characters, until collect the ancient artifacts as well. You could play this game on Android device and iOS. If you are about to start playing the game, you probably could follow this Township guide below.

  • Exploring the free town

This Township guide is discussing about unique city within the game. You will not have to carry out any request or mission in the game since it is the truest sense of open world game. The one and only limitation you get in the game is your creativity to build your own city as well as to choose the establishment and buildings. You should explore this free town to become a thriving, bigger, and busy city.

  • Focusing on farming aspect

Second Township guide is regarding farming matter. You need to focus on this aspect to grow the city. Your city can thrive mainly by using organic crops. If you like to have an active and bustling city, you may plant them a lot. The most important crop in the farm is wheat. Therefore, make sure to check that you have adequate amount of wheat. Later you will be allowed to unlock other types of crops. In order to plant the crops smartly, you have to keep in your mind that the items are in stock and the orders are in queue.

  • Completing the orders

If you want to earn more coins, you need to complete the orders. One thing for sure is that earning coins in Township game is not easy matter. In this case, Township guide suggests you to tap on helicopter button for completing orders. It is the most reliable way to earn coins. Besides, for more unlimited coins, you might want to use Township hack. Back to the order, people are going to submit the order and you need to get what they order. The important point is that you should examine the offering to see that you get good deal. But when it happens to be not good deal, tap on trash bin beside the order to eliminate it.