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God of War: New Side of Kratos in Norse Realm

Those who have been playing PS and PSP are familiar with the character Kratos from the God of War and it is a good thing that the new God of War will be available soon enough in 2017. It is confirmed that the game will release within this year although it remains unclear when. The idea of having the new God of War alone is exciting as true and avid gamers will never be bored with the adventure and actions of the main character.

God of War Gaming Development
If you see the trailer at 2016 E3, there is something different with the new God of War game. Sure, there will be improvements on the game and the challenges but it seems that there is going to be an emotional involvement as well. Kratos is likely to develop his own fatherly sense and figure in the new Norse mythology realm. Expect some magical elements and mystical parts, such as deer with the sparkling antlers, frost magic, or volcanic beasts (or some sorts).

With Sony as the publisher and Sony Santa Monica as the developer, this action and adventure game is coming in the third person view. Unlike the previous games that are coming from the Greek mythology, this one will be taking the Norse mythology. So far, this new God of War will be the eight series in the game and also the sequel to the previous God of War III released in 2010. Another different thing about the series is the fact that Kratos is now coming with his son, Atreus. Kratos will serve as the protector and mentor for his son while trying to master his signature rage – the one unique trait that has moved and driven him.

God of War Unique and New Traits
As it was mentioned before, there will be a lot of different things about the game. The new one will come in a single player mode despite the facts that multiplayer mode has been introduced before. There will be a similar RPG feature, including the crafting resources.

Moreover, Kratos won’t be using the double chained blades, his signature weapons he lost at the final chapter in God of War III. But now he is using a battle magical axe that can be combined with elemental abilities. In the trailer, an example is shown how he engulfs the axe in ice and throws to enemies – and he can summon it again to his hand. Excited about the new God of War, finally?

I am Setsuna Reminds Us about JRPG


Tokyo RPG factory has a hard burden to develop classic JRPG game,I am Setsuna, because they have to meet the expectation from the fans and gamers of this genre. We know that this genre is no more related with the current market. But, Square Enix knows that the genre has a big investment to create nostalgic moment for the gamers. People might think that this game is outdated at first. Their opinion will be disappeared after they played this game after all. This game has also modern segment inside. Although the graphics are not special in our eyes, other elements successfully create this game enjoyable and memorable. They are the classic gameplay, music and the story.


This is the strongest element of I am Setsuna beside of the graphics. At the first sight, you will not notice that the game offers best plot story ever. Through those Chibi characters, you have to dealt with your emotions. When you are a girl who supposes to deal with your first love and play with your friend, it does not happen in Setsuna’s life. She has to deal with the death and save all people in her world. Moreover, there is an assassin who wants to kill her before she made it at The Lost Lands. His name is Endir. The title of this game explains everything. Setsuna chooses another life that she never gets as teenager. She wants to save all people from the unstoppable monster. This is where her story begins.


Meanwhile, the graphics of I am Setsuna cannot be compared with other modern games. Besides, this game is developed in very low budget. But, there is nothing that we can complain about the graphics because it is pretty good to be played after all. Although the graphic is not as well as new platform, the classical features and its main story will make this game more memorable and bring you back into ten or twenty years ago while JRPG became so popular at the moment. The characters may be in Chibi mode but you can see the details when you accessed the menu. It will give you more descriptions about them at least.


Last but not least, we are talking about the gameplay. This game really represents the classic JRPG in modern way. Everything is going to be well, but some players are complaining about limitation of choosing the party. As a result, the players cannot develop their favorite characters entirely because of this limitation. In other words, some characters are not available to be your party in I am Setsuna.

Miitomo Tips And Review


Miitomo is a game from Nintendo that is a free download for iOS and Android devices where you create your own avatar and its personality. You will compete against your friends but nothing like Game of War, Clash Royale, and Candy Crush Saga. It has the look of app such as Snapchat and any social app that features digital stickers and emoji. Released in earlier March in Japan, the game is very popular that in its first three days it hit more than 1 million downloads. It is now available in US, Ireland, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and some European countries.

Miitomo Features

Those who had owned Nintendo’s DS and Wii in the latest years would be familiar with the Mii avatars. You can create avatar that look anything you want. The camera lets you create Miitomo avatar that look like you. Before you send it off to socialize with your friends’ avatar, the app lets you manage how it speaks and moves. Your avatar will start conversation and ask questions such as what you’ve been doing lately. When they meet other Miis, they will respond in the way that you have set earlier. It is similar to a chatbot found on classic messaging app that now is increasingly on-trend. Fortunately, you won’t find sexism, racism, and drug-smoking in this app.

Miitomo Gameplay

The essential part of Miitomo is equipping virtual gear onto your Mii. You can spend your virtual coins to buy virtual clothes in an in-app shop. Coins can be acquired by using the app, or by using real money on to buy them. You can spend £0.79 to get 1,000 coins and £54.99 for 105,000 coins. There are lots of items to choose from including shoes that cost 250 coins or robot outfits for 6,400 coins. The gaming parts of Miitomo also need coins to play. There is a built-in mini-game that let you to win prizes that aren’t offered in the shop including virtual outfits by dropping your character into prize choices environment.

Though it is more of an app than a game, there is more a daily draw you can get. It is possible to get more items the more you are dedicated to play. There is also a photo-editing tool called Miifoto that offer much more amusement from the app. You can create photographs of your Miis and those of your friends and put some captions, stickers and backgrounds. This is pretty much fun you can get from Miitomo especially as you can share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

World of Warship: Tantalize Yourself to Take Part in the Warship!

World of Warship

World of Warship is an online game about warship which is professionally developed by This game fits to the paste of those who really in love with everything about warship or any kinds of casual online games which are quite serious. In September 2015, this game had launched its open beta where all of the players are offered the big battle between ships in stunning and also tactical. Not only the right choice of warship you need to be focused on but also the right strategy and tactic you need to keep in mind in order to win the war. Keep in mind that no ship is perfect because it is all man-made.

Start the Battle!

Started from the Cruiser to the Aircraft carrier, this World of Warship was created to heal the thirst of the action lover because for the past years the action game seems to be less productive. Each craft that created here was aimed to defeat other ship so that the bigger and the stronger will be the champion. You do not need to worry when you find some ships which are over-powered.

There are some modes if you want to take part in World of Warship and choose. They are the normal battle, big race, domination, and other attractive modes. The normal battle requires 11 persons to against 11 persons as well to defeat one another. Big race aims to destroy and raid the area that your opponents have. The domination mode will look for the biggest point by destroying the certain type of ship. Well, what do you think about these modes in World of Warship?

Talking about the value of the graphic, World of Warship has not only fabulous graphic but also stunning texture just like you are in the real ship ready to declare war. You can prove it when you look at the preview it has started from the surface of the sea, the clear blue sky, parts of the ship, and other details that cannot even be separated from the word of perfect. This PC game is very suitable for those who really pay attention to every single detail.

Whenever you had won a match, you will get an experience and also some money that you can earn to upgrade your ship. The more money you spent for the upgrade the stronger your ship would be like. Are not you curious to try World of Warship once?

Players of Star War Battlefront spoil the movie so hard

Star Wars Battlefront

It is such bad news for all of Star Wars lovers who have yet watched the Force Awakens in the movie because of Battlefront, the latest game of Star Wars. Some reports said that people who play this game start to spoil the story of this movie via the game. For your information, this Friday is the release date of Star Wars: The Force Awakens world widely in theaters. How do they to spoil it? It is by changing their avatars based on the content of the movie. Yeah, PC version of Star Wars Battlefront allows the players to create and modify their characters or avatars freely.

The Star Wars Battlefront has come into consoles and PC due its release date. However, console versions such as Xbox one and PlayStation 4 do not provide avatars’ creation like what just happened in PC version. Thus, they are freer from movie’s spoiler. Yeah, this feature is especially for PC players but they misuse this feature by containing their characters with movie spoilers. These reports are reported by Reddit users and claimed by so many Battlefronts’ players all over the world. If you are playing it on your PC and not watching the movie yet, please be careful.

Furthermore, NeoGAF as a popular game forum list some of their players who containing the spoiler messages or chats about the Star Wars Battlefront and its movie. They want to show to all people of their community to be careful with those players especially on Xbox Live users. The Star Wars is booming right now with the game and movie which available on theaters and gamers. Do not take an advantage between of those Star Wars features and spoil each other because it will become disadvantage for other peoples who love Star Wars so much. Latest news, the Force Awakens broke the records of viewers recently.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is now offering micro transactions

Call of Duty Black Ops III GamePlay

Who does not know Call of Duty: Black Ops III today? This is a very popular FPS game all over the world. Everyone plays this game to fulfill their curiousness in competing with other players. This game is developed by Activision game and expanding their popularity by introducing micro transactions for their players. For your information, another Activision game which is also getting micro transactions is Destiny. In other words, this developer wants to try out the big business within their games nowadays. You can buy some items such as taunts, weapons and other cosmetics which will make your character more gorgeous or unique.

The Call of Duty: Black Ops III is officially launching in-game store in December 15 2015 into major consoles and PC these days. They are available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. However, they did not offer this in-game store for older console such as PS 3 and Xbox 360. We do not want to discuss about what items are offered, but why this phenomenon comes to some major developers these days. You need to know that micro transactions for Black Ops III slightly different with others. Activision games claim that all of these cosmetics are able to be gained via traditional gameplay.

What does it means? It means that you can give your character those cosmetic by gaining some points which you will get in every match. In other words, you will have shorter way by buying the points via the Black Market store. Sad news, the Call of Duty: Black Ops III offers you to pass its DLC for $50 and the first expansion will be released next year. We do not know why some big-names games offering those kinds of pay-to-play DLC these days. Anyway, it is the one way for the gamers or players to support their favorite games obviously.

My Career Tips and Strategies in WWE 2K16



In My Career in WWE 2K16, your job is to guide your Superstar which has been created to the Hall of Fame. There are a couple of ways that you can take in order to achieve this goal, but a lot of people will want to get successful goal as soon as possible. Here are a couple of tips and strategies which will help you to develop your superstar. The fastest way to achieve this goal is win matches. These are a couple of best ways in order to create a Superstar who is very tough and strong.

Choose the right size and recognize your role

When it is the time for you to create your Superstar, you must have a good idea what type of wrestler that you want to control. You have to decide your Superstar whether he will be a high flyer, a powerhouse, a submission specialist, an in-ring technician, hardcore or something else. You have to craft your Superstar in terms of image of a man who can suit the style that you desire. For instance, if you want to create a high flyer, you do not have to make him bulky and 6’9’’. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to create a powerhouse wrestler, you have to give him enough size in order to get the ability to throw guys around.

Your style should be supported

If you have a plan on making your character a submissions wrestler, you have to make sure that you have to place most of your skill points into attributes which are related to submission. You will be helped by this in order to win matches easier and simpler particularly in your career early. You have to make your finisher a submission hold. The basic concept of this thing is to make your opponent weak to a specific point and then you are going to be able to slap on a submission to get an easier win. If you want to make this process even easier, you also have to make your signature move a style which targets the body part that will damage by your finisher. Meanwhile, a couple of the moves in your skill have to be focus on that part of the anatomy of your opponent. There are a couple of submission guys in the WWE 2K16 that can be your inspiration such as Chris Jericho, Sting, and many more.

Need for Speed Most Wanted Game Details

need for speed most wanted


Need for Speed Most Wanted is a arcade racer which rewards exploration, stunt driving, environmental destruction and high-speed chases. The purpose of the game is to challenge and defeat a pantheon of Ten Most Wanted racers.

In order to increase enough credibility if you want to challenge these ten great drivers, you will have to acquire Speed Points. You can earn Speed Points for winning races, causing general mayhem and finding secrets.

Need for Speed Most Wanted will bring you into the middle of the action and you will get a couple of choices of how you will play this game according to your preference. Once you are completing your first mandatory race, you can explore the city freely and you can find hidden Jack Points where new cars are available for immediate acquisition.

Focus is the key to early success in Need for Speed Most Wanted. You have to explore the city for a while and you have to get your bearings. In order to find a car that you like, it is better for you to search back alleys and garages and then you have to stick with it. You may want to accept a couple of race challenges and build up your Modifications on the vehicle that have been chosen. The sooner you can start winning a couple of police chassis for serious Speed Points, the sooner you tine a single car up to decent specs. The sooner you can challenge the Most Wanted and increase access to their supercars, the sooner you have Speed Points.

How to unlock cars

In hidden Jack Spots, cars are scattered throughout the city. After you place a Car, your car becomes available permanently through your Easydrive menu. Every car in this game is available to you except the Ten Most Wanted supercars. You just have to search them all. If you want to unlock Top 10 Most Wanted supercars, you have to beat Top Ten drivers in a street race.

Choose your starting car

There are a couple of different stock models of cars which offer trade-off in acceleration, durability, handling and top speed. You have to check out the Cars section which offers complete statistics for each stock vehicle and you can use interactive map in order to locate vehicle sparks that you interest and you can add it to your garage. You have to be careful to choose the suitable car, so you can get through this Need for Speed Most Wanted game.

Monster Legends Battle Strategy Guide

Monster Legends Battle Strategy Guide


For those of you who love to play epic monster RPGs in Nintendo, you will probably love to play Monster Legends. This Monster Legends allows you to build Monster Island, fight your opponent creatures in a battle arena and breed fascinating creatures. In this game, if you want to create a powerful creature, you have to combine two monsters. In this game, friends can be added and you can recruit them in order to get rewards and to get more rewards, you have to fight enemy monsters. This Monster Legends strategy guide offers you a couple of tips in order to help you win battles, make your monster more powerful and earn rewards.

Five ways to get the right battle strategy

These are a couple of tips in order to get the right battle strategies in order to defeat monsters which hard to beat.

Knowing the crucial affiliations of your monsters and the monsters of your opponent

You have an opportunity to get the right information about your enemy before hitting the Fight button. You have to check the elemental affiliation of your opponent. You have to remember that every element is stronger or weaker versus specific other elements. For instance, monsters which are belonging to the Fire element will be destroyed by the monsters which are guarded by the Water element.

Assemble your team properly

After your opponent has been identified, it is the perfect time for you to get your team assembled correctly. You have to choose monsters which are featured with elemental affiliations stronger than the opponent monsters. First of all, you can click on the Change button in order to switch to a stronger creature if you find that the current one is weaker. You have to remember to not click the Fight button until your team is assembled according to your preference.

Knowing the special skills of your monsters

It can be extremely helpful if you know special skills of your monsters beforehand. You can pick only those creatures which have skills that can inflict maximum damage. Every monster has its own special skill. In order to know the special abilities of your monsters before you fight, you have to click on a habitat > monster icon. The unlocked and the unlockable abilities can be found out in the skills menu.

Check out the multiple-enemy damage

A couple of these skills can be formed damage to one opponent at a time while a couple of inflict damage to a couple of opponents.