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Nokia is back with Its Snake!

Nokia 150 has been announced by HMD, the Finnish firm licensed in order to sell phones under the brand of Nokia. This brand new cell phone will be supported with MP3 player, FM radio, and the most important thing is Snake!

The launch of this amazing phone is the continuation of successful feature phone business of Nokia that has been for two decades churning out low-end. The Nokia 230, Nokia 216, and Nokia 105 continue to be well-known in terms of developing markets.

Nokia 150 will be supported by the almost similar identical N Nokia 150 Dual Sim which is completed with both handsets that have been released by HMD because it has been taken the brand in May 2016. The phones come with standby time of between 25 and 31 days, 22 hours of talk time, MP4 players, FM radio, keypad controls, 240×320 screens, and 2.4-inch. You can also get a Bluetooth 3.0 and LED torchlight.

The most important thing is that the both handsets come with classic Snake Xenzia pre-loaded. This is the version of Snake which has been around since the year 2016. The handsets are scratch-resistant and also polycarbonate that are available in white and black.

The handsets will be on the market in the first quarter of the year of 2017 in specific regions Europe and Asia. The price that has been set by HMD is about $26 before taxes and you have to apply local subsidies.

HMD, in May 2016, was reached a deal a ten-year license in order to sell phones and tablets that are branded Nokia. Right now the company claimed that it would invest $500 million more than next three years in order to relaunch ailing business of Nokia.

The firm is led by former Microsoft and Nokia mobile devices head, Arto Nummela with involvement of a couple of senior Nokia and Microsoft employees. Monthly payments will be received by Nokia from HMD because this is the part of the deal in order to cover the use of its patents and brand.

The agreement of Microsoft with HMD was a part of wider sell-off of the whole feature phone business, with a couple of assets that have also been transferred to FIH mobile, manufacturing giant subsidiary or Foxconn. The deal between FIH, HMD, and Microsoft was valued at $350m. So for those of you who miss this legendary phone with this legendary game, Nokia 150 is the perfect choice for you.


SimCity Buildit Cheat for Game Improvement

Creating city is no longer your dream because SimCity Buildit Cheat will be your work. This game is adapted the simulation genre, which the players can build, organize, maintain, and expand city into capital. For such task, you need tons of resources. This is why SimCity Buildit Cheat comes in handy. When talking about cheating, you may have bad feeling. Cheating relates to illegitimate action or using hack tool. Of course, such actions are classified as cheating. People want an easy way to obtain much benefit. This is why cheating as popular as bad terminology.

In this article, you will not find tool for cheating because it is about how you implement tips to get the better result. Put away your mind for cheating via tool then let’s play fairly and efficiently. The first step in SimCity Buildit Cheat is citizen. You want to build city, so people or citizens are crucial. They will be your unlimited resources to build anything. You need goods, materials, trading, money, and tangible products. However, citizens are your basic resource to obtain everything. Therefore, having more people in your city is important. More citizens mean more taxes as income.

Usually, SimCity Buildit hack will give unlimited Simoleons and Simcash for your jobs. However, you still manage to obtain money and goods via zoning. If you are architect or city planner, this term is very familiar. City is divided into several area based on utilization. You should put factories in outskirt city then declare certain parts as residential. When you want to expand it, the residential will not bother with factories. Player is able to put resources efficiently due to zoning program. This is simple but useful strategy.

Money and resources come from two ways. City produces materials and goods then use them to build facilities. Secondly, player can do transaction with others. For this reason, you should be more careful. Trading is similar to what you will see in the real life. Excellent goods are going to get high price. Besides, player can do bargaining to purchase cheap product. There is tip in SimCity Buildit Cheat that’s very useful. You can visit other, then build good relationship. Your interest will make everything easier.

Knowing how to play SimCity Buildit is not enough to overcome every task. You still need to put much concern about resources, citizen, gods, material, and money. Implementing SimCity Buildit Cheat is one way to collect what you want. Just remember that everything has price, so you can take it as risk and profit.

Recommendation Best Laptop for Gaming


When it comes to gaming, the specification of laptop can be less or more shifted based on what is the preferences of the user themselves. But there are some basic specifications that users always prefer for example the battery usage, screen display, powerful PC system that can work all day long without getting jammed or lagged. Rather than huge computer package, users prefer to have it all compacted in a portable and quite device as modern notebook. So let’s jump into our recommendation of the best laptop for gaming.

Best Power Battery: Intel and Nvidia

Thanks to these two giants of Silicon Valley because right now we have the option of gamer laptop that is compact and preserve the battery better than any other computer. The power efficiency is their main concern; to keep the central and graphic processor to take nothing but the essential required power which then result the cooler chip. Given this advantage, you can say goodbye to the big laptop fan or cooling liquid once you choose to purchase the best laptop for gaming from these two producers.

Stands out Graphic: Skylake Intel Core

If what important for you is the graphic screen that can take smoothly the modern game, you will need to not only see the resolution of the screen but you will need also the capable main system processor, enough RAM space to keep the application stored in the memory, and the fast drive. Those all requirements will help your computer to bear all the need to produce good resolution and screen play.

For this need, you can have a look into Intel Core Skylake, or also known as the sixth generation of Core series processor. This Skylake is also empowered by the XMG U506 to its processor, thanks to the Schenker, who is also another laptop maker.

When you are looking for the good resolution, do not be misguided by the brightness of the screen. Take a look deeper to the highest resolution on 1920 x 1080 pixels, having all angles view, better contrast ratio, and wider color range. You can always try to find the screen with anti glare finished.

When it comes to the best laptop for gaming you can also take a look to the spacious storage. Storage is important to make sure that your program runs smoothly regardless of the other program you might open in process like booting and saving files. Speakers come as the next important aspect in the best laptop for gaming. The most well known audio system comes from B&O, Dynaudio, Onkyo, Harman, and Klipsch. Those names started to gain attention in the tiny laptop audio system.

  • Asus RoG G752

For the money value and performance, you can rely on this Asus RoG G572, yet the problem will be on the massive vivid looks, even for gamers, and battery endurance that is rather poor.

  • Dell Inspiron 15 7559

Dell Inspiron has known that it wouldn’t disappoint you on the graphic for the gamers. This laptop is suggestive for the longevity even though some said it is rather a bit lumpy.

Pixel Gun 3D Hack for Unlimited Gems and How to Have a Safe Game

With the right cheating emulator, you can definitely use Pixel Gun 3D hack for unlimited gems. However, you need to know the potential problem of playing the game, especially when it is played by underage kids. Unfortunately, there is no age restriction for kids, making it harder for people to put a limit to the game.


Cheating Tool for Pixel Gun 3D Hack for Unlimited Gems

The idea of being able to use the Pixel Gun 3D hack unlimited gems is definitely nice and appealing. And this is another reason why kids like playing the game. Not only they are appealed by the interesting graphic (looks like the Minecraft), they also like the fact that they can enjoy a greater satisfaction with the cheating tool.

However, there is the biggest issue with the game: the violence and the open chatting platform. The game is filled with violence (hey, you have to kill others or be killed) and there is no attempt to blur the images, making the overall images exposed and open. What kind of messages do you send to your kids, anyway? Not to mention that the open chatting and messaging platform is giving a free access to those with ill intentions – such as predators hunting for their preys. If you think that you (or your kids) are safe because you are playing inside the wall of your house, you may want to think again. In this kind of world, no one is really safe.


How to Keep Yourself Safe

So, if you want to save yourself and your beloved people, there are some safety precautions that you can do:

  • Don’t allow your kids to create their own account. If they do have an account, make sure that you accompany them during the game. If it is not you, at least by other adult family members.
  • If you can’t really monitor your kids, it would be wise to install a certain app or system that would prevent them from accessing the gaming website.
  • Sometimes preventing them just like that won’t be helpful as they may develop a way to trick you. It would be wise if you can sit down and discuss the issue with them. Discuss everything; the possibility of someone else targeting them, the risks of having Pixel Gun 3D online hack and end up with a fake, and such thing. When your kids know the risks and consequences, they will be more careful and be willing to cooperate, including when using the Pixel Gun 3D hack unlimited gems.