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Monster Legends Battle Strategy Guide

Monster Legends Battle Strategy Guide


For those of you who love to play epic monster RPGs in Nintendo, you will probably love to play Monster Legends. This Monster Legends allows you to build Monster Island, fight your opponent creatures in a battle arena and breed fascinating creatures. In this game, if you want to create a powerful creature, you have to combine two monsters. In this game, friends can be added and you can recruit them in order to get rewards and to get more rewards, you have to fight enemy monsters. This Monster Legends strategy guide offers you a couple of tips in order to help you win battles, make your monster more powerful and earn rewards.

Five ways to get the right battle strategy

These are a couple of tips in order to get the right battle strategies in order to defeat monsters which hard to beat.

Knowing the crucial affiliations of your monsters and the monsters of your opponent

You have an opportunity to get the right information about your enemy before hitting the Fight button. You have to check the elemental affiliation of your opponent. You have to remember that every element is stronger or weaker versus specific other elements. For instance, monsters which are belonging to the Fire element will be destroyed by the monsters which are guarded by the Water element.

Assemble your team properly

After your opponent has been identified, it is the perfect time for you to get your team assembled correctly. You have to choose monsters which are featured with elemental affiliations stronger than the opponent monsters. First of all, you can click on the Change button in order to switch to a stronger creature if you find that the current one is weaker. You have to remember to not click the Fight button until your team is assembled according to your preference.

Knowing the special skills of your monsters

It can be extremely helpful if you know special skills of your monsters beforehand. You can pick only those creatures which have skills that can inflict maximum damage. Every monster has its own special skill. In order to know the special abilities of your monsters before you fight, you have to click on a habitat > monster icon. The unlocked and the unlockable abilities can be found out in the skills menu.

Check out the multiple-enemy damage

A couple of these skills can be formed damage to one opponent at a time while a couple of inflict damage to a couple of opponents.