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10 Best Gaming Laptop Special For Real Gamers

Best gaming laptop are the one that real gamers searching for. Finding the perfect gaming laptop is just the same with finding a great gaming pc that could run every single great PC games with a high resolution all day long. So the graphic processor must be the most important thing in choosing the best gaming laptop, then RAM that strong enough to keep all of the application and games, also a harddisk that fast and big enough to keep the games and the other files, and the last one is a wide and clear screen to make the eyes happy.

So here are some of the best gaming laptop that you could try:

Asus ROG G725VS OC Edition

This gaming laptop sure has a high standard for its specification, with a strong Overlock CPU, and NVDIA GTX 1070 for the graphic make this gaming laptop have a strong performance to run any games and also VR games from Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.

Alienware 17

The newest version of Alienware is Alienware17, the hardware itself has some changes that could make this laptop run faster, and the graphic changed with GeForce GTX 980M NVIDIA GPU, one of the best and the strongest VGA graphic In the world.

Razer Blade

This black coloured laptop has 14” screen with a green light that could make every single gamer fall in love with it. This is a light laptop gaming with a really high resolution screen and also completed with GeForce GTX 970M from NVIDIA. This laptop is perfect for people who wants a small and thin gaming laptop.

MSI GT80 Titan SLI

This is one of the first laptop gaming that use a mechanic keyboard that could give it a fast and accurate performance for gaming and typing. And this laptop is also completed with a strong processor Intel Core I7 CPU and also GeForce GTX 980M GPU for its graphic.

Dell Inspiron 15 7000

This is one of the best cheap gaming laptop. This laptop has proven itself that cheap doesn’t mean it bad, it has GeForce GTX 960M NVIDIA for its graphic, and also a strong battery that could last more than 6 hours. This is really the perfect suit gaming laptop for you who’s on a budget.

And that are some of the best gaming laptop that you want to know. Some are having a really high price but there are also some with a friendly price. Back again it is up to your need, if you really want a best gaming laptop and you have the money then buy it, but if you are not really need it you could always buy a regular laptop. Hope this article could give you important information about choosing and buying the best gaming laptop.